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You will be set up for success in 7 days!

  • 25 Popular Products Posted for Sale in Your Zazzle Store
  • Made Products with 5 Different Design Types, Including Monogram Templates and Photo & Text Templates for Popular Invitations
  • Learned How to Use Good Titles and Tags
  • 10 Zazzle Collections Completed
  • 20 Items Shared on Social Media - Pinterest
  • 100% Completed for Your Store and Profile Requirements
  • Achieved a zRANK of 4 (= Good)
  • Created Video and Photo Media to Promote Your Products
  • Completed Payee Information
  • Identified Popular Trending Niches
  • Determined Best Selling Product Types and Designs
  • Prepared and Motivated to Continue to Build Your Zazzle Store
Outline of How the Beginners Course works. 7 Days to Success with Elke Clarke : A Beginners Guide to How to Make Money on Zazzle

Check out what you will receive...

  •  Over 30 Step-by-Step Video Lessons. Elke Clarke takes you through her unique 7 Day Program
  • Bonus Step-by-Step Product Creation Videos Watch step by step how to create all 25 product types and designs made in the course.
  • "7 Day Planner" and "Success Board" to plan and monitor your progress
  • Downloadable "Steps to Success", Worksheets, Goodies and Cheat Sheets for each day. 
  • Bonus Graphics you can use in your Zazzle store: Graphics for Monogram Product Designs, Premade Collection Banners, and Store Category Thumbnails
  • Access to the live Zazzle store created by Elke Clarke using the lessons oultined in this course. You can see the products, collections and her store set-up
  • Watch video lessons as often as you want and at your own pace
  • Access to future course updates

Zazzle Recommends the Course!

from sbclarke (a Zazzle employee)

Hey New Designers, Elke has a wonderful class! If you want to break in, she gives you a great knowledge base to be a successful designer in our marketplace! Give it a shot! (See post from Zazzle forum here)

Customers are happy!

from Emerald Star

Definitely worth it. I am only just starting Day 4 of the lessons (yea, I'm slow), but from Day 1, even with things I thought I had figured out, there were some "I did not know I could do that" moments. Still doing the lessons, but already I have learned stuff that will increase both quantity and quality of products I can make. Glad I signed up.

from Cynthia

I learned more in Lesson 1 from you than I've learned on my own as I've stumbled around on Zazzle for several months.

Thank you sooooo much for putting this product together. You are delightful and it's been a delight working through your lessons. 

from Laura 

Your beginners course should be a prerequisite to ever opening a Zazzle Store!! It's very on point and is helping me get through the difficult maze that I created myself after doing Zazzle for awhile. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You ARE the best!!

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To complete the course, all you need..is a computer, internet access and your time.

You DO NOT need a graphics program. The course provides you with bonus graphics you can use in your Zazzle store to sell products and anything else you need to complete the course.

 Just starting on Zazzle and want to get up to speed fast? ...The course is for you!

Been on Zazzle for a while but need a refresher? ...The course is for you!


It would be my honor to help you in your Zazzle journey to achieve a passive online income. Elke Clarke

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